An exclusive, one-on-one training program to really prepare for the limelight

In the world we live in today, cameras follow us everywhere. A place where the smallest mistakes can translate into blooper videos gone viral, our public image is a question of survival.

The best way to capitalize on any media opportunity



1Module 1: Introduction
    Learn the shifting landscapes of the media industry and what makes it tick. You'll understand what happens behind the scenes and what it means for you and your public appearances. We'll also make an initial assessment of your communications skills followed by specific strategy recommendations on how to quickly get you to take on the world's biggest stage.
2Module 2: Look and Sound for the Camera
  • Discover how to make the best use of power colors to boost your on air presence. You'll also get to know our proprietary MBNA model used to determine what to wear. The choice of your outfit says a lot about you!
  • You'll understand how to capitalize on the vital role of body language. For example how do you deal with posture and what should you do with your hands? We will see key examples from expert speakers to show you how they pull it off
  • We'll teach you the vocal techniques and speech styles of the media industry. While each style has it’s own purpose, together we’ll find one that is unique to you. Add voice projection exercises and speech patterns analysis for the highest impact.
  • You'll be given exclusive access to top insider tips on ideal preparation. What can you do about anxiety? How can you stay calm in a stressful studio environment? Boost your confidence for on-screen gravitas and get yourself ready for peak state performance.
  • Your first practice session will be your chance to get a hands-on experience of what it's like to be in front of the camera. Experiment with all the key elements you have learned so far and implement them to get a feel for your new public persona!
3Module 3: Content for the Camera
  • A presentation on how powerful messages move through the media cycle. You'll learn how it works and what components of a news story make the headlines. It will form the basis of your own messaging strategy.
  • We will guide you through an easy process on how to understand your audience and design messages that resonate. Get to know how to approach your interview by factoring in your interviewer's mindset.
  • Do you want your media messages to make a measurable impact? Develop quotable, bespoke messaging ideas. That’s where memorable sound bites also come into play to use the media to your advantage.
  • The media is always hard to predict. We’ll show you how to deal with "Difficult" journalists while staying cool, calm and in control. You'll also master the art of the one-on-one interview using tactics from top media personalities.
  • Learn how to deal with negative media coverage. You'll be introduced to natural deflection methods that will keep you composed and put you back in charge of the conversation.
  • By the end of the third module, you will have created a camera profile that is uniquely you and serves as a highly potent messaging platform. Now you can stand out from the rest and be heard!
4Module 4: Practice
  • You now know what to do in several scenarios, but how will you respond to an unfolding emergency or crisis? Here we'll cover the best practices you can implement and the pitfalls to avoid so a crisis doesn't turn into a disaster.
  • At this point you'll have gained all the knowledge you need to take on any interview or media appearance. Now it's all about practice.
  • We'll have sample question run-throughs with post-interview discussions. They will be tough. Then we play back the interviews together and give you constructive feedback for improvement.

Our program serves as a trusted template for visual success.

This is your chance to be ready for any interview that comes your way.